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Cleaning services

What should I expect in a “Regular Cleaning” service?

Regular cleaning includes general cleaning of all parts and items that need to be cleaned weekly or bi-weekly to prevent bacteria or germs from spreading in your house and eliminate irritants, which can enhance your health condition and improve your house’s cleanliness, and will provide clean air quality.

You can find the regular cleaning checklist.

What should I expect in a “Deep Cleaning” service?

Deep cleaning involves comprehensive scrubbing surfaces, especially those that slowly accumulate dirt, grime, and other debris. In fact, deep cleaning comprises general cleaning with detailed emphasis and dedication. Also, some areas are excluded from regular cleaning.

You can find the deep cleaning checklist.

When my house needs deep cleaning?
  • When your house requires a Spring Cleaning
  • After a party and when the house is a mass
  • For the first cleaning on a regular basis cleaning, (deep cleaning is suggested)
  • When you are selling your home, deep cleaning makes your home more desirable
What should I expect in a move-in/out cleaning service?

Whether you are moving into a home or moving out of one, we can make your move far easier. In a vacant house, where furniture is all removed and cabinets are empty, it is an excellent opportunity to clean the places that are typically out of reach. Our Move in/out cleaning service is customizable to meet this need, and it includes deep cleaning of any sink, tub, shower, toilet and baseboard. Also, the interior of appliances, Cabinets, and windows.

You can find the move-in/out cleaning checklist.

Which equipment will our team bring in?
Our cleaners are fully equipped, but we suggest giving your vacuum and mop to cleaners to avoid cross-contamination from the house-to-house. If you are concerned about your countertops, steel appliances or floor, please provide the cleaners with the products you like to use.
Do you clean the inside and outside of the windows?
We only clean inside the windows, which are reachable up to the height using a two-step ladder.
What kind of products do your cleaners use?
We take care of your health, your pets, and our environment. Then we try to choose mainly eco-friendly materials.
Do you move heavy appliances and furniture?

We will clean under your sofa, furniture, and bed, which are accessible for cleaners, but we won’t move them to avoid scratching your floor. Then if you like to move them, please do it before our cleaners arrive.

In deep cleaning and move in/out, please move heavy appliances so our team members can reach the back of them.

Which equipment and cleaning products do customers have to supply?

To prevent the spread of contamination, we ask our customers to use their own vacuum and mop, but if you don’t want to use them, you have to mention them in the booking form and in this case, our cleaners will bring them free of charge. also, we ask you to provide paper towels and dish soup.
We supply all detergents that most of them are eco-friendly, but if you would like our cleaners to use your special cleaning products, you can tell them and put your detergents in a specific location that is accessible for the cleaning technician.


Do I have to be at home when your cleaners come?
It completely depends on your own schedule. We will be happy to see you at home. In this case, you can let our cleaner come in and show your own detergents, equipment and explain your home cleaning concerns to our cleaner. Definitely, while your home is empty, cleaners can work more efficiently.
How can I be in touch with you during my service?
We are always beside you when you book; we will send an email to confirm your booking, and one day before your booking, we will send a reminder to your phone and on the day of cleaning when our cleaner arrives, and when their job finish, we will send a reminder to your phone again. You can call our center anytime for any request or further information.
What do you do if I am not satisfied with my service?
Please call us within the first 24 hours; we will send another cleaner for free to solve it. Your satisfaction is our priority.
How can I cancel my booking?

For canceling, call our center up to 48 hours before your booking time; we will cancel it without any charge, but if you cancel less than 48 hours, we will charge you 25% of your invoice regarding our cleaner time.

How can I change my booking?

You can change the date or time of your booking up to 48 hours before only by one call to us.

What happens if your cleaners can’t find a parking place near my house?

We will ask you to thoroughly explain parking for our cleaners in the booking form -where can they park? At your parking lot, in front of your house, or you will address us parking lot near your home. If our cleaners can’t find a parking place for up to 20 minutes, they will cancel the booking, and you will be charged 30% for their commute and their time.

How many hours does it take to clean my house?
It depends on your home size, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and your required services. We have an estimate part on our website in which you can estimate your expenses and the needed time. Also, this amount is an estimate and could be changed according to your house’s cleanliness and situation.
Do I have to pay more than the estimated?

In the estimate part, we try to with using the detail you provided and our own experience to make an accurate estimate, but due to the differences between houses and the specific condition of each house, the estimated time is approximate and can increase or decrease. Payment is made after the cleaning and based on real-time, but If your detail about the cleaning place is correct and you do not add additional cleaning item during the cleaning, we can only charge you a maximum of 20 percent more than the estimated time, which avoids unnecessary work delays.

Do you have any special offers or discounts?
Based on our social responsibility, we have discounts for seniors. Also, we have some plans for weekly, Bi-weekly, and monthly base cleaning services.
How do you take care of any pets in the house?
We really like your pets and don’t want to disturb their convenience, but they may not like us as much. It would be excellent if you kept them in their case or a room during cleaning to prevent them from being hurt accidentally and help cleaners to do their job quickly.
What is your working time?
Our cleaners are available all day of the week from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening. We usually don’t accept times after 8 o’clock.
What will cleaners bring themselves to the service?
Our cleaners carry all detergents that you need for house cleaning. also, if you don’t have some equipment such as a mop or vacuum, you have to mention it in your booking form so the cleaners can bring the appropriate equipment free of charge.
What are your precautions regarding Covid-19?
Wearing a mask by cleaner during the cleaning
We ask our cleaners to quarantine themselves if they develop any symptoms and we will send a substitute.
What if something gets broken or damaged?
Our cleaners are trained to take care of your decoration, surfaces and precious items, but if accidentally something happened, you should notify us within 24 hours. Our technicians will repair or replace the item as soon as possible.
Where can I use discounts relate to weekly, Bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning?
Based on our policy, you should pay for the first time cleaning as a one-time cleaning and discounts will be activated for subsequent cleaning services.


Are your cleaners trustable?
All of our cleaners pass the background check. Also, we examined their mental health and they are trustworthy for cleaning your house.

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